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Natalie Baker

Freelance copywriter

Hello there.


I'm a freelance copywriter, which means I construct seemingly effortless sentences so you don't have to.


Following a degree in Creative Writing, I pursued a career in book publishing, before delving into the world of freelancing.  I've provided my services to KPMG, SAP, TEDx, BBC, The Open University, CIPD, Moss Bros, Unbiased, Achilles, Pure Search and Igloo Books.


A versatile and comprehensive writer, my work incorporates anything from corporate reports on HR and recruitment, to topical articles on veganism and period poverty. 


Need copy? Let's have a coffee. 

Writing Supplies


  • Supply clear and concise copy to educate and inform an audience

  • Journalistic approach to content creation including interviewing, researching and gathering data

  • Can take on an individual or brand persona and harness in-house style to build audience trust


  • Take technical language and turn it into a compelling and accessible narrative

  • Understand broad variety of contexts to ensure the author’s intent and purpose is fully realised

Corporate portfolio

Social media content  (B2C)

I was hired to write and schedule engaging student-focused copy for The OU’s social media audience of 700k followers. This included promoting broadcast content co-produced by The OU and the BBC, and writing articles for the OU News site.

Untitled design (23).png

Consumer guides (B2C)

I’ve written a series of advice-based articles on topics ranging from financial planning to tips for SME's and startups. The tone of voice is concise, professional and consumer-friendly. Unbiased is a digital platform that connects consumers to local advisors.

Work obtained via Stratton Craig agency. 


Brand awareness (B2C)

I've written numerous product descriptors for Moss Bros. as featured on their website, ranging from full suits, through to jumpers and ties. As a household name, it's vital the copy complies with the brand's tone of voice and identity. 

Work obtained via Stratton Craig agency. 


Legal editing | Publishing 

My work involves editing and publishing new and updated case law, tribunals and Q&As under the topic of
Employment Law. All content is proofread, uploaded and formatted via the CMS before it is published live on the CIPD website


Blogging | Recruitment

I've written numerous blogs for a Buckinghamshire-based recruitment company, Topics have ranged from HR & recruitment advice pieces to common workplace issues, such as bullying
and redundancy.



Work obtained via Rachel Allen Marketing.


Salary Reports | Technical 

Briefed to write salary reports on Legal Commerce & Industry recruitment in Singapore. Technical writing requires industry awareness, as well as the ability to communicate on specialist topics. The writing style was clear, direct
and neutral.



Work obtained via Stratton Craig agency.


Legal editing | Publishing
(B2B + B2C)

I was tasked with editing and publishing new and updated case law, tribunals and Q&As under the topic of Employment Law. All content was proofread, uploaded and formatted via the CMS before going live on the CIPD website


Blogging | Content strategy (B2C)

Ascendant Recruitment is a Buckinghamshire-based recruitment company. I’ve written numerous blog posts for a mixed audience of job seekers and employers – ranging from HR & recruitment advice pieces to common workplace issues, such as bullying and redundancy.


Work obtained via Rachel Allen Marketing.


Technical writing (B2B + B2C)

Briefed to write salary reports on Legal Commerce & Industry recruitment in Singapore. As this project involved technical writing skills, it required industry awareness and communication on specialist topics.


Academic publishing (B2C)

As a contractor, I supported Online Project Producers within the OpenLearn team. I created and published web pages on CMS, audited content, managed transcripts and metadata for YouTube content and carried out extensive image research for academic articles. 


Cookery | Book Publishing (B2C)

Supplied cookery indexes, sourced imagery and created recipes for a number of published cookery titles.
My most recent project was to write engaging and informative research-led copy on how to follow a vegan diet.


Sales letters | Technical writing (B2B)

I was briefed to write sales letters for the Worcester-based recruitment company. Each letter focused on different industry sectors, including automotive, manufacturing, industrial and retail. My copywriting style was clear and concise to reflect the transparent and professional practices of the business. 


Work obtained via Rachel Allen Marketing.




Creative portfolio

Bloody Good Period

Fundraising Coordinator | Blogger

Alongside my freelance work, I'm the Fundraising Coordinator (and occasional blogger) for Bloody Good Period, a social enterprise that provides sanitary products to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.


The Forbidden Temple


My first collaboration with visual artist Alice Labourel. Together we created a modern-day fairy tale set in Vietnam. The story was originally created for the Blankspace Project, which continues to inspire thousands of creatives worldwide. .

Are We There Yet?

Writer & Creator

An interactive storytelling project in collaboration with Alice Labourel. The reader is taken on a journey that illustrates the experience of displacement from a child's perspective. Using multiple creative mediums including animation and illustration to tell the story. 

Sas Amoah – Producer, The Open University

Natalie works extremely well in teams as well as on her own when tasked with jobs that require her to manage her own time. She was given a variety of tasks that ranged from managing and editing online content to researching topics of interest for AV production and completed and or delivered all work set within all time constraints, even when deadlines were brought forward. She has a very professional attitude and approach to work and was an asset while employed with us.

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